Can you find all 10 numbers in this optical illusion? Only 0.01% succeeded!

Did you think being in the top 1% of optical illusion fans was impressive? Fans of visual puzzles are actually going crazy in a vain attempt to decipher this “visual-numerical” test, which is reported to be It can only be solved by 0.1% of people.

The disturbing visual puzzle was first shared on TikTok in April, but is currently bursting with viewers They tire visual acumen trying to solve the problem.

Only 0.1% can see all 10 numbersIt reads the explanation of the illusion shared by user @purpzosaur. The difficulty of the puzzle is exacerbated by GIF The monkey is dancing in the background, it seems Trying to confuse the eyes like an eye hockey goalkeeperSo we put a frame and a video in question. For a better experience, we recommend that you try to solve the puzzle from the video.

The amazing illustration appears to show only four numbers: six, eight, four, and one. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that there are many numbers hidden within”literal picture‘, which is defined as Combine smaller images to create a larger image .

Unfortunately, even the most interested TikTok users They struggled to find all ten numbers All while many gave very different answers from each other.

Viewers reportedly had more difficulty identifying the number five, which was formed according to several mysteries.”From the gorilla when he starts to swing his right arm“.

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