Carved abs and a lot of sarcasm

It seems that time does not pass Ambra Angiolini. Judging from the last picture she posted on Instagram, she didn’t lose a bit of that girlish look that made us fall in love with her It’s not my opinion Which she has maintained over time, even after embarking on a prolific career as an actress. But if Mother Nature had put her hand into it, on the other hand Six-pack abs showing off with pride (and irony) On Instagram they are the result of a certain training.

Ambra Angiolini on Instagram, sculpted abs and lots of sarcasm

“41 degrees amber”, Angelini writes on Instagram with the irony that has always characterized her. On a hot (actually, very hot) day in July, the actress decided to share a snap with her followers Proudly displays the abdominal muscles carved.

Girlish physique, it really has to be said. It’s been a while since he first appeared in It’s not my opinionThe program that is dedicated to it Teen Icon of the 90sAnd today she is still a beautiful woman. Beauty resulting from many elements, a combination of sports and training, and healthy nutrition Smart to not take yourself too seriously. After all, a woman’s sensuality is not only in her beautiful belly and Ambra Angulini demonstrates it perfectly.

Ambra Angiolini and the Praise of Wrinkles (to show off with pride)

If there is one thing that Ambra teaches us in every post, it is that the first lesson that we women must learn is to accept ourselves as we are, Our flaws and signs of aging that inevitably appear on our bodies and our face. Some time ago, in another cute Instagram post, he quoted the famous phrase that Anna Magnani said to the makeup artist: “Leave on all my wrinkles, and don’t even take off a single one. It took me my age to make it!”.

the truth Actress’s beauty secret? First of all, calmly accept that time passes for everyone, and instead of covering wrinkles and blemishes with extreme methods, show them without any fear. But there’s more, just as colleague Rebel Wilson reiterated in her powerful message about body positivity, we must. take care of ourselvesWe love and accept ourselves as we are, and when we see fit and necessary, take all possible measures to improve ourselves. It is a matter of health, and then inner serenity. Certainly not a way to “please” those who criticize us He points constantly.

Sports and healthy eating is the secret of Ambra Angiolini

Despite her career transitioning to the big screen, Ambra Angiolini never stopped Make time to danceHer great passion since she was a little girl. Today, at the age of 45, this is one of the many ways he is keeping fit.

Ambra is a true sports addict, she loves to take care of her body as in the past, and choose The right skin care products daily And adopt a healthy lifestyle, especially at the table. Not even during the first lockdown, when we all had to spend so much time at home, did it stop: some followed Fitness and Zumba classes Online so you don’t lose the rhythm. Then, when everything is back to (almost) normal, She devoted herself with perseverance and passion to pole dancingwhich is a very trendy specialty in recent years and is practiced by many Famous People Like Valentina Ferragni and Britney Spears.

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