Covid, full hospitals again and the province is re-launching vaccines: ‘Many doctors have been infected’

Omicron and its sub-variables fill hospitals: in the last twenty-four hours, there have been 27 more cases of treatment in regular hospital wards in Campania. The total increases to 540 units. The situation in intensive care remains stable, 33, but the increase in cases, which yesterday exceeded 37 percent of the infection, is prompting the region to launch a plan to address the summer wave of the Covid-19 epidemic.” The problem, compared to last year, the numbers multiplied by ten and we already have Busy family,” accuses Governor Vincenzo de Luca, who is sounding the alarm about health worker infections: “The presence of doctors is missing in hospitals already today we have hundreds of positives.”

Covid 4 thousand and 837 new positives

The regional plan starts from the vaccination campaign. The goal is to increase administration of the third and fourth dose to the most vulnerable groups, over 80, RSA guests, vulnerable subjects, and groped to persuade those who did not complete the course to undergo the injection. From this perspective, ASL Napoli 1 has already ordered Ciro Verdoliva to reopen vaccination centers in individual essential health districts from Monday to Friday from 9 to 14. By the end of July – Verdoliva confirms – today we are able to respond with antiviral drugs and monoclonal antibodies And protocols that allow us to significantly reduce the number of hospitalizations, but we cannot fall behind on the vaccine, which was one of the most important measures in a struggle.”

Regional activity will also be intensified. The district extended until September 30 contracts with Osca employees that expired on June 30, a circumstance that opens another front of controversy between De Luca and Health Minister Roberto Speranza. The plan also provides for intensification of home treatment of patients with antiviral drugs, drugs that can be used within five days of infection, even by purchasing them from the pharmacy with a general practitioner’s prescription, or from people who are weak or have certain requirements. . Campania ranks tenth among the Italian regions in the use of specific drugs against Covid-19 in the treatment of patients who are not forced to be hospitalized, and is the fifth in terms of the number of infections in the past week. The prevalence of antiviral treatments is below the national average: 0.27 percent, compared to 0.41.

In terms of hospitals, each unit will have to equip itself with a share of Covid beds of between 5 and 10 per cent of the total, even in special wards in larger structures, where in-hospitalized asymptomatic patients who must be hospitalized will be admitted. . Undergo specialized care not directly related to the virus. At Cotugno Hospital, which specializes in treating infectious diseases, 10-15 percent of beds will be reserved for Covid patients. Even residential buildings, public and private, will have to provide beds for asymptomatic Covid positives.

Within two days, ASL Napoli 1 will allocate 40 Covid patients beds in the Ospedale del Mare premises currently used for “daily surgery” activities. Another 180 seats will be reserved for patients with symptoms of hearing loss in the Covid residence adjacent to Ponticelli Hospital. In the “second phase” (currently only hypothetical) of this summer wave, another 20 normal places of treatment will be reserved at Loreto Mare Hospital which will not convert to a Covid hospital as happened in 2020, during the most severe phase of the epidemic. If necessary, intensive care beds will be activated in Ponticelli’s modular structures. Separate discussion for pediatric patients. There are 20 beds in Santobono currently, 8 in Policlinico Federiciano and 7 in Moscati di Avellino. The district is now asking for other cribs to be activated immediately for Covid patients: 5 each in Ruggi of Salerno and in Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano of Caserta.

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