Covid, sub variant Omicron Ba 2.75 arrives: here’s what we know so far

At the moment, all variants around the world are subspecies of Omicron. In particular, a few weeks after the prevalence of BA.2, BA.5 is gaining momentum (also in Italy, where a prevalence of 60.71% was recorded according to recent I-Co-Gen data).

What do we know –

It is five times faster than the Omicron 5 variant. But i

Confirmed cases

They are still few.

Until the 4th of July

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. Apart from a larger group in India, the geographical distribution is indeed international. Infections touched on the new sub-variable


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United kingdom

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(who have deposited at least one sequence), which excludes sequence errors.

The analysis of the variable in question was performed by

Tom Peacock

Virus world

Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College

London: BA 2.75 hectares

45 common mutations with BA.5 and 15 odd mutations

. Among those you own

8 spikes

in the spike (BA.5 contains “only” 3). In particular, it changes in relation to “parent”

Bachelor 2

With two major mutations:


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summarized by scientists at the Fred Hatch Protein Evolution Laboratory (USA), in one of the strongest antibody escape sites caused by current vaccines that still neutralizes BA.2.

Spread – So expectations for this new format are worrying. It has a much better chance of overcoming the antibody barriers created by modern vaccines and infections. Emergence and rapid spread of SARS-CoV-2 variants, according to a study by Sciences, can significantly affect the effectiveness of the vaccine. The bitter truth is that a huge number of variants have spread since the first outbreak of the “mother” Wuhan strain and it is very unlikely that vaccines can create resistance to all of them, but they remain very useful to protect us from severe Covid disease. . Essentially, this means that infection is more difficult to curb, which means more transmission of the virus and more people getting sick again.

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