Dave Mustaine insults Judas Kahn technician

Artist: Megadeth | Photographer: Enrico Dal Boni | Date: June 26, 2022 | Event: Rock The Castle | Venue: Scaligero Castle | City: Villafranca de Verona

Leader Mega During the band’s show on July 2 at the Spanish Festival Barcelona Rock Festlost his temper while attacking the guitar technician in Priest Judas.

crew Priest Judas He was actually checking the sound on the stage next to the one they were playing on Mega And when the guitar technician began experimenting with the instrument, mustine He put his middle finger on the boy and said:

“Okay, let’s wait for this one to finish trying that guitar…it’s the last show for the tour, so far everything is fine and a camel comes to play on the stage next to our stage while we play. What a pathetic piece of amateurish.” […] Can we move forward now? fucking fool.”

Here is the video:

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