Dybala, what’s going on now? Inter Milan and Milan and the entanglement with Ronaldo and the time factor | first page

The new season started with training retreats but Not for Paulo Dybala who hasn’t found a new team yet after leaving Juventus. And with the increasingly difficult choices on the table. Another cold shower came with Words from Inter CEO, Beppe Marotta: “It was a possibility, but today we are in the attacking position and it is up to the coach to manage them. There is still respect and affection for the player that I managed.” Concluding by those who just two weeks ago spoke of Dybala as a real target. But how has Paulo’s situation changed?

All tracks In fact, the Nerazzurri’s path is not completely closed. Also because, to keep it open, it’s Dybala himself. It is clear that everything is related to Inter’s overcrowding in attack, from lukaku to me Lautaro Passing through KoreaAnd the DzekoAnd the Sanchez And the Pinamonte: It is now impossible to assume another association, but if two exits or (better) three exits are mastered, the doors can be reopened. Even if the player’s high demands for recruitment remains an important knot, not only for Inter but also for the other teams involved. Speech is valid for Milanwhich Dybala doesn’t consider a top priority and is working on de Kettleri And the zaishor for Rome that joya farewell Zaniolo. Italian tracks don’t kick off, but even abroad the market is struggling to light up: Tottenham have focused on Richarlison, whileAtletico Madrid the blow did not sink; The hypothesis may be revived Manchester UnitedStruggling with pills Cristiano Ronaldo And they were forced to think about the possibility of having to find a replacement if the Portuguese ace left, even if I Red Devils They cannot offer a chance to play the Champions League.

time factor – Everything has stopped or almost stopped, because communications are still being traced, with Time is becoming an increasingly important factor. Prolonging this uncertainty is not a desirable scenario for the player, if he does not find a solution, as the weeks go by. Could open up to the idea of ​​lowering the claims on the salary, at least in a consistent sense, and this would re-launch the interest of clubs willing to bet on Dybala’s relaunch with more sustainable numbers: Milan in particular, especially if the CDK process fails, Roma or even other European big names so far don’t. Approaching. Waiting for Dybala’s future, time passes and finding a new team is more and more urgent.

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