Elena Sofia Richie was shaken by a terrible mourning: the giant of cinema has died

Elena Sofia Richie was shaken by a terrible mourning: the giant of cinema died. The actress wanted to remember him with a touching thought

In the past few hours, the great Peter Brook, one of the masters of the world stage, has passed away. The director of “Mahabharata” (1985) was considered a true champion of the industry.

Elena Sofia Richie (AnsaFoto)

These are busy days for Elena Sofia Ricci, who in recent weeks has been busy filming the new Ra1 novel, Flowers Over Hell. The story is taken from the novels of Ilaria Totti and the famous actress plays the role of Teresa Battaglia An overview of preterm Alzheimer’s disease. The theatrical work just ended, and now Richie will be enjoying a few days of well-deserved vacation. However, the hero of Aun Allah’s novel could not avoid dedicating a sincere thought to a great man in the theater who died in these hours. Peter Brook passed away at the age of 97 And leave a huge void in all industry lovers. He is especially known as a masterpiece “Mahabharata”, A nine-hour version of the Hindu epic, made in 1985. A work that critics called his masterpiece and one of the most beautiful plays ever on the theatrical level. The British director At work until age 90as well as creating other works at the highest level and attracting a lot of attention from professionals and the public around it.

Elena Sofia Richie, Peter Brook’s memory is very sincere: Farewell to the great theater director

Peter Brock
Farewell to Peter Brook (Image: Facebook)

Elena Sofia Richiethrough your profile InstagramSimply wrote: Hello Peter. A very sincere thought for those who knew and appreciated him on the pitch. Added a beautiful photo of the director to the caption.

However, Ricci wasn’t the only person on the Italian scene who wanted to say hello Peter Brock. He did the same Pietro Ginwardi, Translator of many successful fairy tales and soaps, currently on the team of Il paradiso delle donne.

Brooke was born in London in 1925, of Jewish parents from Latvia. I have moved to Paris in the seventies. His debut as a theater director came very early, Only 17 years old. He worked on many classic works, such as Hamlet in 1955 and King Lear in 1962. Then he devoted himself to Marat / Sade, by Peter Weiss, 1964. Reaching the modern era, one cannot help but mention Population expulsion 2013. Secretly, married in 1951 with the actress Natasha Barry, who died in 2015. He has two children from their union: SimonAnd the manager is like him and Irina She is an actress like her mother.

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