FCIN1908 – Inter, Sanchez has demands slowing his sale. Wants …

If Vidal is ready to land at Flamengo, the knot is still tied to the striker, who has rejected the offers he has received so far.

In these hours we talk a lot about the outgoing market from inter Especially farewell Vidal and Sanchez. For the first, we’re talking about landing in flamingo And from Brazil They guarantee that everything will be ready tomorrow to sign his new contract.

On the other hand, the person associated with his attacker is a real knot. It’s not part of the club’s plans but it’s hard to find a new location for it. What did you learn from him? FCINTER1908.IT, The footballer has important demands both from an economic point of view and from the point of view of ambition. Obviously, these allegations are slowing down their sale. He would like to continue his career in important leagues such as Italian, Spanish and English. And so far there have been offers from other leagues, from Japan or Turkey. All offers are sent back to the sender because SanchezHe still wants to prove himself in the most important European championships.

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