First details and progression of the final season by the authors –

Stranger Things 5 It has been confirmed, with the Duffer brothers, the creators of the Netflix TV series, that they have started providing Details and first previews On the Final season In an interview published by Collider and other American newspapers in these hours.

As it turns out, the Duffers already have a deadline for Stranger Things 5 ​​season to start production, which is August 2022So, in no time, the entire group will be back in action to record new episodes, although before that it was clear that full writing and pre-production would be needed.

Stranger Things 5 ​​is said to be faster and more action-packed than Season 4, with key events already outlined by the writers.

For this reason, despite the start of business scheduled for August, the entire part of It has already been writtenwith the possibility of starting directly with the full production.

According to the authors, Will She will have a very important and central role in the fifth season of the series, in the sense of closing the circle in relation to the first season, considering it the driver of the whole affair.

Based on what the Duffer brothers said on their Happy Sad Confused podcast, it also looks like the new season will be shorter than the fourthalso because it does not require re-introduction of characters, since it picks up directly from the previous epilogue in an already known situation.

The idea is a general return to Season 1, in terms of themes, atmosphere, and setting: that’s why Season 5 will focus entirely on Hawkins. In the meantime, you can read our Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 review.

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