Galaxy S22 Ultra sales soar: surpassing any Galaxy Note in the past

Samsung It was the first company to effectively take on Apple in the smartphone market, and it remains highly focused on its high-end line. With the Galaxy S22 series I achieved significance Merging with the ‘old’ Galaxy Note family Equipped with a stylus and a large display, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was the device with which to achieve this amalgamation. And according to the first estimates of unofficial sales, the strategy appears to be paying off.

Even the previous year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra supported the iconic S-Pen that had been the flagship in the Note family for years, but with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung introduced the stylus into the original equipment as well for a custom slot in the body. Everything, or almost everything, on the Galaxy S22 Ultra reminds us of the old Galaxy Note seriesLike the square style with clear lines, it is quite different from the other two models in the family.

For Samsung, it probably did not make sense to keep two separate families just for the sake of the stylus functionality, and the new strategy can be considered a blessing for the company: according to estimates from reliable sources, in fact, Samsung will sell out by the end of the year. More than 11 million Galaxy S22 Ultra. More than any Galaxy Note series smartphone in the same time period.

Galaxy S22 Ultra, farewell to the Galaxy Note series has been a blessing for Samsung

Perhaps the important moment that led to this choice was the Galaxy Note 7 flop, whose built-in batteries tend to explode for no apparent reason. The smartphone was taken off the market, and after careful quality control checks, Samsung Galaxy Note8 with excellent sales results. In one year, 10.3 million euros were sold Galaxy Note 8which is an important figure if we take into account that the list price is above $1,000, the highest ever recorded in the chain.

Other successful models were: Galaxy Note 109.5 million units; Galaxy Note 99.6 million units, while the two models in the series Galaxy Note 20 Together they sold 7.5 million units in the same period, which indicates a not very exciting period for the family. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, as mentioned earlier, was launched with the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ and has already generated more than 11 million sales.

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