Gf Vip 7, Alfonso Signorini formalizes the first Vippone of the cast!

cast team Gf Vip 7. after, after Lyrics by Rita Dalla Chiesa, who admitted that he was contacted by the production of the reality show, the rumors about the names of the first official contenders are becoming more and more persistent. The first to almost certainly enter residence he is Shadia Rodriguez. Last week, the host released a guide that many have followed to the singer and presenter:

but that is not all. A while ago, always Alfonso Signorinithrough a post on Instagram revealed that he will enter Casa del Gf Vip 7 a fibona Who forgot red nail polish in a taxi.

Lucky can only be Pamela Prati. Many will remember the iconic scene from pasture During her first experience with the program, who was in a delirious state, she called for a taxi to take her home.

However, a third name lends itself to. This was revealed through the portal Dagosbya:

Weeks ago we suggested a name Jijia as a competitor to Big Brother VIP And by chance come FromDirected by Alfonso Signorini who is also a reality show host, appearing years later, an interview with the then-actress was reported Dagosbya. At this point, he’s almost certainly going into the GF Vip’s house.

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