Gino Sorbillo or Flavio Briatore? Which pizza to choose Benedetta Parodi, Michelle Hunziker and her daughter Aurora Ramazotti Cook

She has been at the center of the controversy for weeks and is now at the VIP table. Pizza Flavio Briatore Talking about this time continues to collect greetings Michael Hunziker And the Aurora Ramazzotti. And if you praise the mother and her daughter on the one hand, crazy pizza (The series is owned by Briatore), on the other hand Benedita Parodi Takes the side of the master pizza maker Gino SorbilloProud defender of pizza at popular prices. The two had clashed in the past few weeks. It all started with some statements made by Flavio Briatore, according to which crazy pizza It will have high prices because of the quality (15 euros for a margarita, 65 euros with patta negra). He criticized Briatore, then increased the dose by doubting the quality of the products used by those who bake and sell for 4/5 euros. In response, a crowd gathered in Naples, in the historic pizzeria Sorbillo before the courts, to demonstrate against what has been defined by many as a provocation by the Piedmontese businessman. Are you saying that cheap pizza is not good? Here, we make it like this and the ingredients are: taste it and tell me how it said Gino Sorbillo, the spokesperson for those who consider pizza the people’s food. In recent days, the Piedmontese businessman has also attacked Neapolitan pizza: it is not true that Neapolitan, it is eaten all over the world. And even if it was invented in Naples, others have improved it with different tastes: one can invent something and others can modify and improve it. The words that also aroused The world of social media. Lots of tweets, stories and posts Former Formula 1 Team Manager He was accused of having little understanding of pizza and food in general. Then the speech ended in Raiuno da Bruno Vespato me From door to door. Briatore reiterated the need to create a brand that would export real Italian pizza to all corners of the world. A suggestion he also found in the agreement SORBELLO. Regardless of the controversy, many celebrities decided to try discord pizza. It seems that from briator towards that SORBELLO was appreciated. Let’s see by whom.

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