Gorilla leaves Italy and fires its employees

The news has been in the air for a few weeks. As for now, the official chrism had arrived. Gorillas, the German home-shopping startup, has left the Italian market and has already started the dismissal procedure (in all 540 people, including permanent employees, collaborators and managers). A story full of twists and turns, the story of the gorilla.

The boom with the epidemic

Born in Germany in the dark spring months of 2020, with the Western world shutting down inland, the startup quickly conquered the reference market, growing exponentially and raising large funding rounds totaling €1.3 billion. A loophole with few precedents, which raised the value of the startup to about 3 billion.

It is located in 5 cities

Now, with the epidemic that (at least in restrictions) seems to have been abandoned, the first problems for the gorilla have arrived. Home shopping is no longer an urgent need. The company is forced to review its growth plans, and decides to focus on more profitable markets. Hence the decision to abandon the Italian market, as it was present in 5 cities: Milan, Rome, Turin, Bergamo and Florence.

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