Haddad on TV Sudden Loss: He was loved by everyone

Another mourning affecting the world of television and entertainment in general. The man died suddenly at the age of seventy. For years he has worked with the greats of the small screen.

Italian television and the entire show scene mourn the loss of one of the most important characters. An important signature for Showbiz that has distinguished him over the years with his talent. News of the disappearance spread by his family, leaving all the fans and people who knew him surprised and suspicious to learn.

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Italian TV in mourning over the sudden death 70 years From Aldo Claudio ZabalaHe is one of the greatest behind-the-scenes heroes on many shows that have made small screen history. He worked for many years with the greatest show, and above all was one of his most important collaborators Renzo Arbor.

The family was informed of the death in the past few hours. Regarding the disappearance, we know that it happened on the day of the disappearance Monday 4th JulyLeaving everyone in disbelief. The causes of death, according to what has been learned on the La Nostra Tv portal, will be due to one Serious illness which he has been fighting about for some time.

Mourning TV, Aldo Claudio Zappalà passed away: worked for years in Rai

after, after The death of a famous meteorologistThe showbiz view is gaining another important facet for the small screen. Regarding Aldo Claudio Zabala We know he was born there Caracasin Venezuela, December 3, 1952. He worked for many years as a television author with important names in the Italian show business, above all Renzo Arbor.

On the small screen, many programs bear his signature. Among all we remember Dear friends near and far,I own with a Boolean Showman. But he also fell thought goesWhich was broadcast on Rai networks from 1987 until 1989. But it doesn’t stop there. There were many other formats that contributed to its success, indicating the history of the small screen.

There have been many projects he has worked on over the years. It should be noted that in 1991, Zappalà founded the company Documentary and Film Village from Rome. From the beginning, the company took on the task and had the advantage of producing several independent formats, and collaborating with many TV networks, let’s talk about opinionbut also MediasetAnd the La7 And the exploration channel.

Among the most important projects were projects of a cultural and historical nature. But among the main topics covered there is also the topic fight mafia Which has always prompted him to take the first line against organized crime, and say it on more than one occasion. Among the many series that we remember meticulously crime storybroadcast from 2011 to 2013, was intended to narrate the development of the Italian and foreign mafia on the peninsula.

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