Harassment of those who leave Tawasul

he is Mess in Airports in Europe. in France Unions have submitted a new strike notice next weekend, while negotiations between workers’ representatives and airlines have stalled SwedenAnd the Norway And the Denmark It will cancel 50% of flights. It doesn’t get better after that United kingdomwhere the flag bearer British Airways It announced that it would “reluctantly” cancel hundreds of additional flights in the summer season. Motivation is the need to further reduce its operations due to Constant shortage of staff. Passengers are clearly suffering the consequences: with repercussions in particular for London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Moreover, in the first, the Lost & Found offices are filled with lost baggage. Not to mention the compensation demanded by late-arrival travelers.

Flights canceled, Ryanair grounded again: on July 17, 24-hour strike by pilots, flight attendants and flight attendants

Flights canceled due to chaos at airports

The wave of cancellations and harassment hitting the major airlines shows no signs of stopping. One of the main causes of the problem is not planning well for recovery after Covid, after i Reducing the number of employees at the height of the epidemic. An example above all is British Airways, which guaranteed around 850 flights a day in pre-Covid times. But then it reduced its operations by 10% for the period from April to October. Cancellations that bring the discount rate up to 11%.

Head Fiavet: ‘A very serious condition’

“The situation is very serious – because delays and cancellations are putting travel and travel of a very large number of users at risk,” says Ivana Jelinek, president of Fiavet, the Italian association that brings together travel and tourism companies. Our agencies are very concerned Because this leads to a ruin Of a very important economic nature and creates VoltageJelinek notes that the potential damage “is a millionaire” if the expected numbers are confirmed “and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of users who will see Vacations are at riskThe impact on travel agencies is also disastrous: “There is an operational burden that requires staggering more work, and then there is the economic damage — he explains — rebooking an overnight flight that has huge costs.”

Hundreds of bags lost at Heathrow

Heathrow suffered another day of travel chaos as hundreds of passengers were left without luggage and stuck in long queues. In recent days, long queues have been seen outside the airport LondonWhere it still suffers from a shortage of staff.

Compensation problems

It’s the rain of compensation claims. But it seems that it does not arrive on time, as the complaints of many users show. Is Lufthansa dead or what? It’s been a week since I submitted my flight cancellation claim under #EU regulation via @lufthansaLufthansa_DE. There is no response other than the receipt» Matthew writes on Twitter. On June 5, an easyJet 5185 flight from Berlin arrived four hours late – another user commented -. Of course easyjet #EU refused me compensation. This did not happen to me with the flag bearer“.

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