Heat stroke and symptoms should not be underestimated, the consequences can be very dire, advice on what to do

Heatstroke is considered a very dangerous condition due to the rapid increase in body temperature that cannot be “discharged” in time.

We’ve been in the summer for a few weeks but we already understand it’s going to be especially hot. This can also be seen in the severe drought that hit Italy.


In this period, it is normal to suffer from hypotension or heat stroke, with serious consequences, especially for the elderly and children. For this reason, every year the Ministry of Health publishes recommendations and advice on its website. For example, don’t go out during the hottest hours of the day.

In the event of a heat stroke, follow these tips suggested by the Ministry of Health

In case sunstroke (or a sudden increase in temperature), if you fear for the person it is a good idea to contact your family doctor or medical guard. Otherwise, it may be enough to move it to a cooler and ventilated place. In addition, we cool the body with a wet sheet or towel.

Finally, let’s measure its temperature, which can be high. Let’s give her some water to make up for what she lost but without medication. Much less than tachibirina or aspirin.

As we mentioned, the Ministry of Health has published National plan to prevent the effects of heat on health. Contains tips and recommendations against heat stroke and heat stroke. The goal is to reduce the dangerous consequences these heat waves can have.

The first advice is Don’t go out during hot hoursor between 11 and 18. Other drink a lot of waterbut also eat foods that contain water, such as fruit.

But be careful because if you have heart, kidney or liver disease, taking in too much fluid can be dangerous. Consulting your doctor is the best option because he knows our best health conditions.

but also snacks It is important because digestion drives many physiological mechanisms that also lead to an increase in body temperature. For the same reason they must Avoid drinking caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

Sunstroke can be avoided by wearing Comfortable and light clothes, especially those found in natural fibres, such as cotton and linen. But let’s also not forget to protect your head from the sun, with light hats, and your eyes, using sunglasses with UV filters.

Latest tips and recommendations

In the National plan to prevent the effects of heat on health There are also these recommendations for avoiding heat stroke:

  • Avoid physical activity Or reduce it in cold hours. Also in this case it is recommended to combine water with special supplements;
  • by car The ministry recommends that the room be well ventilated before travel and water storage;
  • Helping those most at risk Like children and the elderly by monitoring their body temperature. inform the physician (or the appropriate person), if necessary, of cases of denial in which intervention is necessary;
  • Improve the home and work environment Blacking out the windows to reduce sunlight and regulate the temperature between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius will ensure greater luxury. At the same time, it will avoid sudden changes in temperature compared to outside.

Finally, the Ministry of Health is thinking too Pets. In fact, it must be remembered that they may also suffer from heat stroke. Therefore, always remember to leave plenty of fresh water in a shaded area.

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