Here are the winners –

Let’s find out what a file is Award winning games during the evening IVGA 2022which are the Italian Video Game Awards, what we can consider the Oscars for home video games, and the best titles he madeItalian video game industry.

As you can see, the quality of nicknames made in our country has increased significantly in recent years. The awards went to excellent games, such as Martha’s Dead Adventure, which is hard to read but very deep in content. The same goes for the excellent Vesper, an evocative game that everyone should play.

Instead, Hot Wheels Unleashed is an affirmation of Milestone as one of the best Italian development studios ever, able in this case to achieve great success with an important license, loved all over the world.

In short, IVGA 2022 is not only a way to give figurines, but also to test the state of the national industry, monitor its progress, in this case it is really clear. The organization’s choice of more international cuts is also intriguing, and clearly trying to take the event off national borders.

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