“I always thought that Juventus would be financed by selling De Ligt. On Dybala…”

Mario Sconcerti spoke to the microphones of A Tutto Mercato on TMW Radio. These are his words:

What do you think of the Juventus transfer market?
“Together with Inter, the Bianconeri is the club that performs best.”

Roma continue to give the impression that they are not betting on Zaniolo, what do you think?
“I think Roma need to sell some players or else 30 will play. It is Zaniolo who changes the balance of the team the least. I am surprised that Juventus wants Zaniolo so much. Di Maria brings order, Zaniolo brings chaos, he seems to be a suitable player for Juventus.”

What do you think of Dybala negotiations?
“68% of the players in the market in Europe are free. There are players who can demand more, and others who cannot. Others. The Italian market is poor.”

What do you think of the potential sale of De Ligt?
“I always thought that Juventus would be financed by selling this player.”

What do you expect from Monza?
“Berlusconi and Galliani are the last managers of old football. Berlusconi is able to invest in a bet. Monza is the continuation of football in extinction.”

What do you think of Fiorentina?
“The important thing that Fiorentina has done is the real market with few loans. The Comiso project and its investment are strengthening. Fiorentina has a quality that you could not have dreamed of two years ago.”

What do you think of Comiso?
“Football was changed by the Americans, not Commisso and anyway he did a good job.”

Who charms you in the second division?
“Palermo, which was sold to the Arabs, is underestimated a lot. If they had taken Inter or Milan, everything would have been hell and instead they took Palermo and no one talked about it.”

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