“I asked the Pope to pray for us to die together”

05 Jul 2022 09:18

The actor’s drama in a touching message published by the weekly Intimacy

The Apulian actor once again reiterated the deep bond that united them for more than 60 years. And this is all the individual and dramatic request made to the Supreme Pontiff, the impossibility of continuing to live without the presence of this important person by his side. Pope Francis apparently responded to Banffy who revealed in the letter: “The Pope told me he did not have the strength to compel us to leave, that even if you and I could not live without the other, he would pray for us.”

The two met at a very young age in Canosa di Puglia and married in 1962. Since then they have never separated. In October 2021, the actor was a guest on “Verissimo”, where he said, “My wife, in this period, is asking me some special questions. A few days ago she told me ‘Listen, Lino, it’s not like we can find death together?'” Because if I die first, I can’t do that.

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