“I had a tampon last night”

Sick Eletra Lamborghini: The singer admitted that she suffers from symptoms similar to those of Covid, as well as a really annoying disorder.

The singer is going through rather complicated days in which her health is not the best, but, despite this, she continues to perform throughout Italy.

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The Lamborghini Eletra never stopped, and this summer they also collaborated on a song to dance to. We are now accustomed to the barbed phrases of the beautiful heiress, who sing in Italian and Spanish, and now as a second language for her. Try this year A feauring with Rocco Hunt and Lola Indigo Which brings her great wealth.

With them, he has already, for some time, begun to promote the song throughout Italy, not without some adventures. He recently caused quite a stir Fight in a nightclub From Riccione, between Lamborghini and some fans. In fact, a man started insulting her while she was on stage shouting offensive words to follow a new trend on Tik Tok. electra reactionHowever, it was not long before it appeared and spread on the Internet.

Now, however, stopping the singer is instead a medical adventure: What happened to Eletra? He revealed that he was not feeling well at all.

Eletra Lamborghini sick: “I thought I had Covid again”

The girl complains for several days that she suffers from some rather unpleasant and disabling symptoms. Some time ago he admitted it They often suffer from a very common disease Among women it is often deceptive: cystitis. He also asked his fans for advice on some treatments to try, though he admitted he’s tried some without much success.

Unfortunately, Electra’s is a common complaint but Often underestimated Which, in extreme cases, can lead to chronic as in the case of Francesca Neri. Lamborghini today admitted to owning it Antibiotic treatment started, the only solution to solve the problem. Unfortunately for her, the typical symptoms of Covid have been added to this discomfort: a stuffy nose and cough.

Lamborghini Electra

Tonight I thought I caught Covid again – Confess to Eletra – So I went to take a swab…but I’m negative”. However, she is not feeling well at all and spends a few days at home in the company of her little dog. Days ago, she also received another bad news: This year there will be no Temptation Island to keep her company, a program she has always pursued with great passion and interest.

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