“If I had known more, I would have asked for more money” – Corriere.it

In an interview with Reuters, George DiGiorgiou, the man accused with his brother Alfred and Vincent Muscat of bombing the Maltese journalist’s car in 2017, said: “For me it was just business.”

First he says “If I had known, I would have asked for more,” then also adds “I’m sure I’m sorry,” worrying. Five years later From the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia
Speaking from prison, George DiGiorgio The man, along with two others – Brother Alfred and Vincent Muscat – were accused of the bombing The car bomb that killed the Maltese investigative journalist on September 16, 2017 In a field in front of the house, because she was the first to discover “17 black”the mysterious billionaire abroad Jürgen Fenechaccused of being the manager.

In an interview with Stephen Gray, journalist at Reuters Who is working on a podcast on rebuilding the issue, DiGiorgio explains If he knew more about Galicia, he would have asked for a lot of money To complete the Job:I would ask for 10 million euros. not 150,000“. continue: “For me it was just a job. Yes business as usual! ». Then comes a confusing answer. When asked if he was sorry he replied: “Of course I’m sorry”.

DiGiorgio’s admission comes years after ‘It wasn’t me’But since 2021, lawyers have been trying to obtain a pardon in exchange for testimony about Digiorgio’s role in the murders and other crimes that would involve various Notable people in Malta.
While the DiGiorgio brothers denied everything, In 2020, partner Vince Muscat confessed and was sentenced to 15 years in prison In exchange for statements in other cases concerning him.
always in ReutersDiGiorgio said he decided to confess not so much in order to commute his sentence but because of “I don’t want to go down alone!”.

Through counsel, DiGiorgio’s family announced that they expect a verdict “in line with that of Vincent Muscat. We are willing to reveal everything we know about murders, bombs and other crimes“.
“The words of George DiGiorgio show that he is a A ruthless killer who does not deserve grace‘ commented Matthew Carona GaliciaThe journalist’s son. The October 16, 2017 It was he who found the body of his dead mother in the field in front of the house.

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