Is carnitine in urine a breakout?

A study by Stacey Reinke of the ECU and Craig Willock of the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden attests how effective new treatments for asthma could emerge.

The study made by Edith Cowan University Its content was recently published in the scientific journal Respiratory Journalshares what has been identified as a very important discovery regarding it asthma.

asthmaAnd the illness chronic inflammatory pathway aircan be effectively treated thanks to the new discovery.

for those who suffer of asthma There are actually treatments that help against the blockage – which can be reversed in any case – for the gods two branches.

with thebronchitis These are filled with fluid and produce an excess of mucus. So for those who suffer from it, it is difficult for them to live with coughing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other disabling consequences. The new discovery opens up new hopes to give hope to those affected Inflammatory disease.

New research could help treat asthma

Asthma, the discovery could change the fate of those who suffer from it

What the researchers put together was a detailed profile analysis Biochemist of themes People with severe asthma. The result was a clear difference in urine compared to healthy people.

The official is private metaboliteThe carnitine. The metabolite was actually found in the subjects analyzed at very low levels. The carnitine They are essential for cellular energy generation and also for immune responses, which is why the new discovery could represent one turning point To better understand the disease and thus find more effective treatments.

Researchers have already highlighted how to improve treatments against asthma It is first necessary to understand the complex underlying mechanisms. Therefore, the analysis of the “metabolite” which is the chemical profile of the body because it is an excellent “body diary” is able to provide important information about pathological processes.

Discoveries such as the difference in urinary metabolism between people Asthma patients Serious and healthy can be really helpful medicine. The reason is obvious: biochemical changes in the lungs can affect blood flow. Precisely for this reason, the substances to be expelled forcibly pass through the urine, which if analyzed can give useful results for understanding new details of respiratory disorders.

great result which needs further analysis, but lays the foundations for a very good method:

These are preliminary results, but we will continue to study carnitine metabolism to evaluate its potential as a new target for asthma treatment.

he finished RinkeOne of the researchers.

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