Joe Biden, petrol slip? Too Tough Replica by Jeff Bezos – Libero Quotidiano

in which direction it is moving, Joe Biden He makes gross and gross mistakes that anyone can laugh at. and then Elon Muskwho has publicly stated that he has withdrawn his support for the Democrats, now comes a sarcastic tweet Jeff Bezos, the patron of Amazon, and with him Musk himself, the richest and most powerful man in the world. Two fatal stabs at the already shaky “leadership” of the US president, which has now reached its climax in the opinion polls under the blows of the Ukrainian crisis on the one hand and the economic-financial crisis on the other.

Joe Biden is another disaster: You .. what escapes his mouth in front of the Ukrainian Klitschko

inflation And the Gasoline price It’s among the most visible signs of a months-long storm that is now threatening to engulf the entire West, with the United States in the lead. Hence the president of the White House asked the large American companies that operate gas stations to reduce the price at the pump because the latter “must reflect the cost that you pay for the product.” This demand is clearly unacceptable, as it would require companies to operate at zero profits, and without a profit margin. Which confirms, according to many, Biden’s wrong approach, which confuses upstream and downstream problems. Bezos, on Twitter, responded politely but also harshly, accusing him, in fact, of not knowing the basic market rules of supply and demand.

The Biden effect: Americans no longer believe in the United States

“Ouch. Inflation is very important problem Why does the White House keep making statements like this – writes the American billionaire. It is either a diversion or a deep misunderstanding of the underlying market dynamics. “Either way, it would be a disturbing scenario given how much power and leverage Biden has.” It is a time of war and global danger.” Biden wrote, calling on major gas stations to “cut the price of fuel” and do so “now.”

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