Laborer wanted in Chile –

Take the money and run: Perhaps even Woody Allen would have never imagined that someone would one day take the title of his famous 1969 comedy literally to take advantage of Fatal error for your company. After exactly what happened in ChileCial Alimentos, one of the country’s largest producers of meat and processed meat, on May 30 inadvertently paid one of its employees a single sum. Salary 330 times higher than what is due. Instead of 500 thousand pesos per month (just over 500 euros, at the current exchange rate), the guy actually received a good 165.398,851 (nearly 170,000 euros): A figure that, under normal circumstances, would have taken more than 27 years to obtain.

Promise and then change

It is easy to imagine the bewilderment of a worker after seeing his checking account balance rise dramatically. Obviously it was for a sum, in spite of the same, He had no right to cash. That is why he himself reported the anomaly to his superiors and HR department, but ensures it the next day. He will go to the bank to return the money. But this was not true. In fact, after two days of not answering the phone, the only call he sent to the company was one Letter containing his irrevocable resignationsigned by the attorney. Since then, as confirmed by Cial Alimentos to local newspaper Diario Financiero, there has been no trace of him: It can’t be tracked at all.


How natural it was, in relation to the person concerned, on the spot embezzlement complaint. However, not even investigators have been able to track it down yet. How long will his escape with the looting that has been going on for more than a month now? Impossible to predict, but sure His condition is getting worse every day. If he was caught, who knows if he too, like Virgil Starquill, thanks to good behavior would be able to get his punishment reduced even by half…

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