Lecce-US Postal 14-1: Rodriguez’s poker and Ceesay’s first Giallorossi goals

The Spaniard and the Gambian were the top scorers in the first season’s round since retiring at Folgaria. Hjolmand’s first goal this season.

90 – Triple whistle at Mazari: Lecce-Postal ends 14-1

89 – AIM OF LECCE! Lecce also scores thanks to Lemmens, who squares off a scrum corner kick with his right foot

86- Rodriguez in favor of Frapota, leaning from the full back and the ball clearly to the side

85- A foul this time from Pleif who prefers another shot from the midfield for the Post who can’t find the door

84- Momo starts from the right and focuses on looking for a strong result that finds a deviation in the goalkeeper’s corner. From the corner by making high heads

81 – Berisha receives from Momo and kicks hard and touches the far post on the left

77 – Double goal ball for the Gilorossi: first Gargiulo recovers the left-back from the goalkeeper, then Frapota fires a left-handed missile that captures the entire cross of the goal.

74 – Aim of LECCE! Nizette runs behind the last defender to offer Rodriguez the very easy ball that deserves the Spaniard’s fourth personal joy.

72 – Aim of LECCE! Rodriguez stubbornly wins the ball in the blue-white area and discovers, thanks to a swerve, the far goal

71- Rodriguez again for Nizet, a young Belgian torpedo and a wide ball from nothing

70- Work in photography for the first break and the post touches the appearance. Also this time, the mistake made by the Gilorossi left-back, in this case Frapota, and the white and blue winger trying to surprise Plev, who stayed away from the defenders, this time without scoring.

69 – Neste, fired by Rodriguez at the net, tries with a spoon that you only find outside the net

68 – Momo from the outside, South Tyrol goalkeeper stretches and stretches on the ground

67 – Aim of LECCE! Desperately worked by Giallorossi, Mommo is stopped first by showing off the post-goalkeeper and then backs Berisha who made the No. 11 goal with his right foot.

66 – Gargello’s cross from the bottom was saved by the blue and white goalkeeper with his foot.

64 – Another descent to the left of Neste, a velvet cross and a header from Brescia that ends with the arms of the opposing goalkeeper.

59 – Khomeini’s goal! Berisha can’t be contained on the right, great job to beat two opponents poised for Rodriguez who only has to turn the goal to the right

57 – Great Pumpkin by Mommo which centers around the bonus of Gargiulo’s inclusion, where the other goalkeeper’s offering is Providence

50 – Aim of the Expert! A minute later, Papleto scored with a winning header to send Nezet’s perfect cross under the crossbar.

49 – Blaine in the depth for Rodriguez, who overcomes the last defender and is stopped by the goalkeeper in the last minute.

46 – Resumption of the Al-Mundhiri challenge

45- End of the first half, Lecce leads 8-1

45 – Target! Raid by Hjulmand, who wins the recovery and serves Ceesay. Sends the Gambian, the power back, to the far corner

37 – Target Mail! Joy also for the pianazori with the wonderful view from Scavelli. Bolzano’s right winger takes advantage of Gallo’s closing mistake and turns Brancolini over with a shot from about 30 metres.

36 – Aim of LECCE! Hjulmand runs the ball over the trocar until Listkowski moves, assists with tachometer and right into the corner pocket, to be returned by Listkowski who is released after touching the goal several times

34 – AIM OF LECCE! Great shot from Ceesay, who threw Gallo cross from the left wing into the net from his left hand

32 – Aim of LECCE! Strefezza shoots Helgason in the depth that bypasses the blue-and-white goalkeeper and from a narrow angle bulges out to the right

29 – Lecce penalty, beats Helgason sending a clear height of 25m

24 – Aim of LECCE! From the Strefezza flag, a tense cross and a perfect breakup by Gonzalez folding the goalkeeper’s hands

23- Gonzalez moves well and serves Sesai in the depth, saving first goalkeeper Malvati and then full-back on the line. The ball ends in the corner

17 – Dermako header from a corner cross: a ball to the side

13 – Aim of LECCE! Strefezza resumes where he left off and scores Eurogol under the right crossbar from the right of Giallorossi’s attack. Help the amazing, irrepressible Gallo in this first part of the race

7 – Aim of LECCE! The action continues, Dermaku catches Helgason supporting Ceesay with a single reel that can easily be placed on the net

7 – Listkovsky again one step away from the goal with a torpedo from a good position printed on the crossbar

5 – The goal record! Morten Hjolmand’s first goal this season. The Danish playmaker sent a loose ball to South Tyrol right into the corner, breaking the deadlock

4 – Listkowski, stomached on the far post, pulls and kicks the right fly. It is only external to the network

2 – From Helgason, the first goal with the ball for the match: the action insisted on placing a corner kick and a right-footed shot from the Icelandic edge from nothing to touch the intersection.

1 – Departure at Manzari di Folgaria


Lecce first half (4-3-3): Brancolini; Gendry, Toya, Dermaco, Gallo; Gonzalez, Hjolmand and Helgason; Strefezza, Ceesay, Listkowski

Lecce Second Half (4-3-3): Pleve; Lemmens, Calabrese, Siocci, Frapota; Berisha, Blaine, Gargiulo (77° Björkengren); Momo, Rodriguez, Neste

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