Leonor and Sophia from Spain between heels and pigtails: what a style!

To see them in the crowd Leonor and Sophia from Spain They can easily be mistaken for normal girls. Instead, the two teens belong to one of the most important royal families in Europe. They tour with bodyguards, attend national and international events with their parents, and King Philip and Queen Letizia: Their agenda is busy. But the blue blood does not prevent the sisters from dressing like their peers. Their approach to fashion is fresh, colorful and trendy…following in the footsteps of the famous mother.

Summer with the family, between activities and relaxation

The modern look of Letizia, Leonor and Spanish Sofia
Members of the royal family of Spain in Barcelona

These are busy days for members of the Spanish royal family, who are engaged in a series of official appointments across the country. solo picnic Leonor and Sophiawho visited the Dali Museum in Figueres without their parents. Thanks to the school summer vacation, the sisters have resumed participation in court sessions. leonor spain She came home recently, after her first year of college in Wales: she is now ready to enjoy a few weeks with her family. And in full and precisely, the royal family presented themselves in Barcelona, ​​​​for the events related to Girona Princess Foundation Awards. Smiles, whispered phrases in the ear, complicit glances: Felipe, Letizia, Leonor and Sophia They looked razor sharp. The ladies of the house are also enchanted by their appearance.

Three copy modes

The modern look of Letizia, Leonor and Spanish Sofia
Modern nuns in the museum

Letizia Ortiz It is considered a fashion icon all over the world. Rina always competes for the podium of the best royal family Kate Middleton and the other nobility (Do you remember who was elected to be the most stylish person in 2021?). These days, she opts for monochromatic midi dresses, such as cos gluttonous white on the bodice or The Burrit Blue with jewel details. However, the girls stole the show. Knee suggestions also for 16 year olds leonor spain, who will be queen one day. The impeccable girl in the blue dress MiFialong with pumps with a pavement heel by Carolina Herrera. At the age of 15, baby Sophia Instead, he prefers more glamorous suggestions, such as a polka dot mini dress by Design Zara or work clothes Claudie Berlo. The teen also set a trend to present herself at the Dali Museum with funky four braids, growing out of her loose, wavy hair: a summer trend that must be copied!

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