Letizia from Spain tests positive for Covid, her health conditions

Letizia Spain It turns out that positive in covid. Report this to the royal palace with a note. La Reina has put all of her commitments on the agenda for the next few days. These are his health conditions.

Letizia from Spain tests positive for COVID-19

After sharing the award ceremony of the Princess of Girona with her husband Philip and daughters Leonor and Sophia, Letizia of Spain the next day He tested positive for Covid. However, the state of health does not appear to be a cause for concern, in fact, the royal house has announced that he has mild symptoms.

Letizia showed no signs during the evening of the party in the presence of her family, but later developed mild symptoms. In the face of Rina’s positive, it is clear that the Palace has He canceled all his obligations Scheduled for the next few days. Starting with the two hearings that were supposed to take place on Wednesday 6 July at Zarzuela Palace. The King was supposed to meet the scholarship winners transform facts To the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and then representatives of the Crecer Jugando Foundation of the TVE Foundation and affiliates of Game, illusion campaign.

Letizia from Spain, her health conditions

Palazzo left the door open for Donna Letizia to take part in the event on Thursday night. Everything will depend on your state of health, although it will likely take several days for you to become negative. In any case, the minors are reassuring about his health: only mild symptoms. As for her husband, Felipe, the result of the king’s examination came negative, so he will attend the prescribed obligations.

Covid in the royal palace

Last February, it was Spain’s Philippe’s turn to stay in isolation for about a week, because he had mild symptoms. So Letizia continued her work schedule without needing any interruption, while her husband was working remotely in his private residence.

In May, it was the turn of Donna SophiaLetizia’s mother-in-law, who returned from a trip to Miami, has contracted Covid. Her positivity coincided with the weekend when her husband, Juan Carlos, returned to Spain after years of voluntary exile in Dubai. However, the couple managed to find each other again. Sophia met him during the family lunch organized in the palace, always wearing a mask and keeping her distance.

Letizia’s positivity came at a time when work was intense. In fact, at the end of June, the royal family hosted the NATO summit in Madrid. The Queen participated in many events accompanied by the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, and hosted a dinner at the palace. Even these days he has had to engage in various institutional commitments. He would certainly be able to count on his two daughters, Leonor and Sophia, and especially on the eldest of them taking their first steps within the royal establishment.

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