LHC’s first record-breaking energy collision

Towards new discoveries

The protons will focus on a beam less than ten millionths of a meter in size – an increase in the collision rate that could pave the way for new discoveries. After a small technical accident caused by some items that overheated and required several hours of work by technicians to bring them back to the proper temperature, Run 3 has started successfully as scheduled.

Researchers’ enthusiasm

– Tension and anticipation among researchers in the control room during the countdown, including CERN Director Fabiola Gianotti, who then faded to applause and celebration when the so-called “stable beams” were reached, the state that allows you to collide protons and for experiments To turn on all their systems and start collecting data. A personalized champagne bottle is also ready to be discarded, with a label dedicated to 13.6 trillion electron volts, the record energy achieved by collisions after the latest updates.

More collisions, more data, less time

During Long Shutdown 2 (the last update period) “not only has Lhc been improved, but the four main experiments have also undergone significant updates,” explains Roberto Tenchini, Chairman of the National Scientific Committee of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Infn). ). Thanks to that, during the third round, the Atlas and Cms detectors expect to score more collisions than the previous two runs together. The LHCb experiment also underwent a complete overhaul to increase data acquisition speed tenfold, while Alice’s experiment aims to increase the number of collisions recorded by fifty times.

The discovery of matter and antimatter

With more data sampling and more collision energy, Run 3 will allow researchers to observe previously inaccessible processes, address fundamental issues such as the origin of matter and antimatter asymmetry in the universe, as well as study the properties of matter at extreme temperatures and density, in search of dark matter candidates. and other new phenomena.

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