Mahmoud, a dramatic slip with the fans at sea: what happened

slip Mahmud. An epic fail by the singer while greeting fans who approached him to ask him for a Photograph. To narrate the episode, a user via Instagram Stories does not reveal his identity. Previewed on Twitter, uploaded picture By user MariaClaraPra who apparently read the story on social networks.

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Two girls have been arrested Mahmud On the beach busy taking a relaxing bath to cool off from the summer heat. The place is not mentioned, but it is likely that it is located in Sardinia, where the singer is on vacation, as evidenced by the stories he published himself.

In the footage that appeared on the Internet, the girls were seen approaching the artist in search of everything. The singer seems to have picked up the girls’ phone to take a selfie, but something went wrong.

Perhaps because the water made the hands slippery or unstable, the artist dropped the mobile phone in the water: a real disaster. Frightened, Mahmoud immediately put his hands to his face, desperate and guilty for spoiling not only the moment, but perhaps also the fan’s phone. The girls seemed to smile in front of Mahmoud, as confirmed by their social comment “When you ask for a selfie of…”.

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