“Måneskin terribili”, Damiano’s Band In Sight Stephen Wilson

“They are terrible”Producer and songwriter said Stephen Wilson on Måneskin. Once again, the rock band led by Damiano David finds themselves facing a barrage of criticism. The tone of the leader of the gods certainly does not go unnoticed porcupine treeThey are a band that not everyone knows but have been producing alternative rock since the 1990s. Sharp, direct, and merciless words for the young Romanian band. But is all this anger necessary?

Manskin, the harsh words of Stephen Wilson

Seems to see the usual movie: A new squad is born, it reaches success, it takes credit. Then there are the detractors, the nostalgic ones who waste no time criticizing “There are no more half chapters”, “It was better in my day” And things like that. Stephen Wilson’s lyrics have a bit of that taste, though it’s undeniable that the singer-songwriter and his band, porcupine treeThey have an incredible, long-standing and respected career behind them.

Wilson participated in one of the stages of the tour in Italy, and gave an interview to him Corriere della Sera Where he spoke, in no uncertain terms, about today’s music, how it has changed and at the same time has undergone some kind of ‘turn around’. “There are some new bands, but Rock has failed to reinvent itself for too long – said the poet. (…) I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, even if I were a kid I’d be more interested in Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift than in the new Iron Maiden or Foo Fighters record. But have you discovered a lot of good new rock bands in the past 20 years? the answer is no“.

Conclusive, no doubt. But then he upped the ante by speaking of Manskin:They are terrible. Of course it’s great for Italy and it’s always a good thing when a band introduces kids to guitar and drums, I wish they were a little better.” And that’s not all, because the leader of the Porcupine Tree added:It’s hard to take them seriously Because I am a poor version of what the others have been, (…) wouldn’t it be nice if someone more creative and inspiring came along? ».

Måneskin, Global Success and the Inevitable Criticism

The world of music is so complex and diverse that such criticisms leave some time to find. Whatever your type of music, whatever your skill at playing an instrument or your talent as a player, There will always be those who will be willing to refer to you as someone else’s draft. Which, among other things, is not dramatic: ‘transcription’, as some define it, is essentially nothing more than expressing one’s musical preferences and tastes in some way. And the Let’s not talk about plagiarism of coursewhich is a whole other story.

Since they became new rock idols (that’s it, there’s no point in sticking around) Manskin has attracted the appreciation of many, but it was inevitable that they also attracted criticism from those who refer to them as pseudo-rockers. From Iggy Pop who praised them, and recorded a hit song with them, to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones who wanted them to open in concert, we pass for example to Chris DeVille, journalist and music critic for Strygomwho commented on cover by seem ‘ Even “ugly to be offensive”.

There was no shortage of cash from Italy either. Roby Facchinetti defined them as good but “unable to last 50 years” as the Poohs. Their cousins ​​claimed loudly that Manskin blatantly copies a look from their performance. It’s just a coincidence that such allegations come up Always from those born in a certain decade?

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