Mediglia, a large branch crashes into a car video

Mediglia, a large branch crashes into a car video

A fallen tree between Mediglia and Paolo

The accident occurred due to bad weather between Cuatro and Paolo Streets

Between the village of Mediglia and Paolo in the streets of Quattro, a small truck ran into a large tree branch that was cut off by strong winds that caused various inconveniences throughout the Ludigiano and Sudmilano region.

The car that was passing hit a large branch causing the windshield to break.

Fortunately, the driver was not injured, he just reported a great fear. Immediately, the Mediglia local police, the carabinieri, and the emergency team from the Mediglia Civil Protection led by Mayor Gianni Fabiano, who had volunteered to demolish the plant, remained balanced on the side of the road.

After timely intervention, safety was restored at the road section and reopened to traffic.

Deepening the news with which Samuel Poti collaborated, on the newsstands of “The Citizen” on July 5, 2022

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