Men and Women, Camila and Ricardo: Unfortunately that’s all …

A surprise announcement by Camila Mangiabello, one of the former heroines of the movie “Men and Women”. The former suitor of Maria de Filippi’s program told the truth, unable to hide anymore. Unfortunately, after six years of intense love, everything between her and Riccardo Gismondi …

Another historical pair of men and women exploded. Who are we talking about? to Camila Mangiabello And the Ricardo GismondiProgram Heroes Maria de Filippi Now six years ago. From the moment of choice, which came after the disqualification of another suitor (Martina Luchina), the two never left each other, and also resisted a test temptation island They came out after only a week, but they are stronger than before!

Unfortunately, nothing worked between them in the past period. And here it comes Advertising Perhaps the fans did not expect it. With a post on Instagram Camila Mangiabello I wanted to say she and Ricardo Decided …

Men and women: Camila ad

In recent days photos Camila And the Ricardo Together they are becoming increasingly rare, although it must be said that the couple has always been very conservative and did not constantly appear on social media. But the absence of these days concealed something different: between Camila And the Ricardo That’s it Been completed.

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as toldformer suitor From men and womenIn fact, the two decided to go down two completely different paths. Camila Mangiabello He wanted to say how things really are, acknowledging the truth about the relationship with Riccardo Gismondi:

Unfortunately, not all beautiful things have a stretch Happy ending. For a few days I and Ricardo We decided to go our separate ways. You will never see us in the same house again. I don’t regret anything from these six years. Unfortunately people change and Stories end.

But what is a file the reason Who led them to this final decision? there eaten He talked about different “personal and business goals”, that it was necessary to separate. Not only, former suitor From men and women He also made it clear that he didn’t want to talk more about this: “The reasons remain personal,” he said.

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