Morani (PD) chooses the air conditioner

And the net is known not to forgive. And he doesn’t miss out on anything. Just a camera in the wrong place…we have to point this out Alicia MoraniAnd I don’t feel like it. But when I showed up last night at Zona Bianca as a guest in Brindisi, many noticed that in the room I used to call, there was air conditioning. And based on the separate situation, maybe even.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with getting a ball conditioner when the temperature is 35 degrees and more in the shade on July 5th. We also cannot do without it. But we can’t help but remember those ill-advised phrases of the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, when he harassed the Italians explaining that between peace and air conditioning by a few degrees, they would have to choose support for Ukraine. At first, polls said two out of three Italians would happily exchange a little chill by the end of the bombs, then the drought and stifling heat showed that a small air conditioner didn’t hurt. In fact, many cities have been cut off due to the excessive use of these refreshing gadgets.

The question, then, is not whether or not Morani uses conditioning. Blessed is he who owns one. And it’s not his fault that Draghi put up the unfortunate phrase. The point is, that naughty shot proves it Between saying and doing there is always the sea between. It’s easy to declare your support in support of Kyiv’s no condition or reservations, even at the expense of stinky goats, if then you have to keep the air conditioner turned off, you’re sending half of Milan to a blackout. It is easy to blame man for every misfortune, from the drought to the tragedy of Marmolada (“pollution”, “climate change”, “human”), if we continue to live as always: televisions, computers, cell phones, shopping and big events and so on.

In short, it is time to stop environmental “populism”. Reducing everything to the “peace or conditioning” dilemma, “dry or shower,” is the typical attitude of those who do not take into account the harsh reality we live in. It would be good to have an economically prosperous world where it is not polluted at all. But this is not possible. Giving up comforts isn’t a right nor is it taken for granted. This is evidenced by the fact that, whether you like it or not, in the end we can not do without an air conditioner.

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