Moscow: “Creation of two corridors for the export of grain.” NATO begins ratification of entry to Sweden and Finland

Luhansk, “The Russians pledged all the reserves”

The Russian army has committedAll its reserves“in the area of Luhansk Where it witnesses “a large number of dead and wounded.” he said that release HeidiHead of the Ukrainian Military Administration of the Luhansk Region, citing CNN. Heidi said that the Russians and the Ukrainians were engaged in “tough fighting” on the outskirts of the Luhansk region, and said that “all Russian forces are now here, all their reserves.” He added that the Russian forces have “a large number of casualties and wounded” and some forces are being withdrawn tactically to regroup. “Hospitals and mortuaries are overcrowded,” he added. Finally, according to Heidi, in recent days several “stores behind enemy lines” have been blown up, destroying a “large amount” of ammunition and fuel intended for Russian troops.

Kyiv: “Prohibition of men of military age from leaving their area of ​​residence”

all men in military age They cannot leave their area of ​​residence. This was decided by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine today, according to local media. old man Between 18 and 60 years old They must obtain permission from their enlistment office to leave the area in which they are registered. This action provoked hundreds of angry reactions. was the ministry accused of “foolishness” Some also argue that it encourages corruption in military recruitment agencies. Others fear greater economic chaos because train, bus and truck drivers can no longer do their jobs. “I asked the General Staff to consult with me before making decisions on permits,” Zelensky commented in his usual evening message. He stressed that “there are different criteria that create a state of resentment.”

Russian businessman murdered in St Petersburg

Yuri VoronovRussian businessman killing to me gunshots Yesterday in his villa in St. Petersburg. to write it daily Mail The Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. Voronov, 61, was the head of a logistics company that had lucrative contracts with Gazprom in the Arctic. Russian Investigative Committee, notes daily Mail, investigated the death of Voronov, which they currently attribute to a “dispute with business partners”. It is another suspicious case of the death of a Russian businessman and, in particular, of some of them directly or indirectly related to the Russian energy giant. At the end of January, he is 60 years old Leonid Shulman, a senior Gazprom executive, is dead in a restroom in his Moscow villa in the business district. in february Alexander TyulakovThe 61-year-old was found at the top of Gazprom’s safe hanging in his garage. At the end of February another oligarch, Michael Watfordthe energy tycoon, is dead in his shed in the UK.
On April 19, in a luxury apartment in Moscow, corpses Vladislav Avaev, a former vice president of Gazprombank and a former Kremlin official, his wife and 13-year-old daughter. At the beginning of March, Vasily Melnikov The Russian billionaire also died with his family at his home in Nizhny Novgorod. Sergey ProtosciniaThe former head of the Russian gas company Novotek, which has estimated assets of around 400 million euros, was found hanged in the garden of his villa in Spain. Billionair Alexander SobotinA former senior executive of energy giant Lukoil, aged 43, was found dead in May. Andrei Krukovskydirector of the alpine resort in Gazprom, died in May when he fell off a cliff in Sochi.

Three Russian missiles hit Khmelnitsky

Three Russian missiles fell on the neighborhood Khmelnitsky. There will be no fatalities but only one wound. to report it Ukrainska Pravda He is the head of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Military Administration Serhiy Jamali on Telegram.

Kyiv: 200 Russians killed at Melitopol military base

“Two days ago, about 200 Russian invaders were “liquidated” and another 300 wounded “in the aftermath of an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the military base of Melitopol, a city in southeastern Ukraine occupied by the Russian army as it was occupied by the Russian army. The headquarters of the Federation is located. The mayor made it known today Ivan Fedorovto me Ukrinform. Ukrainian armed forces attacked a Russian military base in Melitopol: Barracks, ammunition and fuel depots. More than 200 were killed and more than 300 were wounded,” said the mayor of Melitopol.

Moscow: “The UN report on Ukraine is full of lies”

A series of lies about actions He flies. With these words, Russia defines the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet About the situation in Ukraine. The Russian diplomat said today Yevgeny UstinovAs reported by tax. “We have to admit that the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has ultimately reduced its role by turning it into a mere instrument in the service of a certain group of states,” he said at the 50th session of the Commission on Human Rights. United Nations Council in Geneva. “The tone and content of the report indicate that it is part of a disinformation campaign against Russia, aimed at spreading lies and manipulating public opinion, including justifying the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime, which it uses against civilians in Donetsk and in the “Luhansk People’s Republics.”

Mattarella: “The Return of Imperialism Condemned by History”

“The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine is witnessing the re-emergence of doctrines, such as militarism and imperialism, which history has condemned and which we are convinced have given way to peaceful coexistence of peoples and international cooperation.” This was announced by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarellato a toast on the occasion of the lunch hosted by the President of the Republic of Mozambique Felipe Jacinto NyusiIt cannot be tolerated that – as in the past – smaller and weaker states are prey to larger and more powerful states. All this is happening in Europe, but the consequences – as Mattarella asserts – affect the whole planet and the African continent itself, where millions of people risk suffering from the food crisis caused by the invasion, ”says the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. “Africa, with its far-sighted choice to respect The sovereignty and territorial integrity of all individual states, large and small, can undoubtedly make an important contribution to promoting dialogue. We cannot and must not succumb to the custom of war,” concludes the head of state.

Swedish and Kurdish MP: “I trust the Supreme Court”

I don’t think the Swedish Supreme Court would approve these extraditions, but the problem is for those who are not Swedish citizens. I hope the European Court of Human Rights can do something.” So a LAPRESS Swedish MP of Kurdish descent Amina Kakapavi

A parliamentarian from Sweden and Kurdistan: “There are no terrorists on Erdogan’s list”

The list of people Erdogan wants to extradite has only Erdogan, but from the names I’ve read they are not terrorists, many of them are ordinary journalists. I know some people don’t actually do anything with PKK. The definition of terrorists is nothing but Erdogan’s propaganda.” So a LAPRESS Swedish MP of Kurdish descent Amina Kakapavi

The United Nations: 270 cases of arbitrary arrests by the Russian side

The United nations They documented it 270 cases “Arbitrary Detention and Enforced Disappearance” of Civilians in Parts of Ukraine Occupied by Russian Forces. announce it Michelle BacheletUnited Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, reports guardian. The findings are based on information obtained from field visits and interviews with more than 500 victims and witnesses of human rights violations, as well as other data sources, Bachelet told the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva in an update on the situation in Ukraine. At the same session, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Amina Dshaparova, spoke, accusing Russia of carrying out “large-scale” kidnappings. Russia has denied deliberately attacking civilians since the war began.

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