“Naples has never done that before”

Birpaolo NavyTechnical field manager forUdinesespeak into microphones Udinese TV while sending Udinese tonight.

The manager specifically spoke about the transfer situation associated with Friulian’s most valuable players: Deulofeu And the Molina.

Gerard Deulofeu O (Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images)

These are his words:

Udinese sells its important players when they arrive Right Offers Based on prices we think are appropriate to sell. Pozzo’s strength lies in keeping the bank in the face of valuations that will come in. Today in training I saw the enthusiasm of these two players who took the cause. No stomach pain. Napoli are interested in Deulofeu but at the moment they are very interested in the relationship with the player’s agentAnd the There were very few conversations with us. They could sink the blow at any moment, but the benefit is there Udinese does not need to sell. The market is not yet mobileAnd the The real hits haven’t been recorded yet.”

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