Omicron, an Indian variable stimulant. Today 132,274 new cases and 94 deaths, intensive care is on the rise

he is Infected blossom Corona virus disease In Italy, more than 132 thousand in one day with a Positive rate More than 28% and nearly half a million tampons Procedure. The dead Which returns to approach the threshold of 100, exactly 94. The percentage of seats in non-critical hospital wards occupied by Covid-19 patients rises by one point in 24 hours, back to 12%, while intensive care, Agenas (National Regional Health Services Agency) notes .

Omicron, peak in Europe: in France and Spain there is a record of infection

omicron inflammatory boom

The virus is spreading in Italy, and the number of infections has exceeded 200,000 in neighboring France. We are anxiously looking forward to the arrival of new variants, among them in particular the most recent one from India, BA.2.75, fearing that it will increase the curves growth further. “We will deal with relapse in hospitals,” the health minister said. Roberto Speranzawhich announced an “extended” withdrawal of the fourth dose. The premise is to extend it to people aged 60 and also evaluate for those over their fifties.

Youth vaccinations are on the increase

Meanwhile, the number of Covid vaccines available to young people is growing: the company Novavax announced that the European Commission has approved the extended conditional marketing authorization of Nuvaxovid for adolescents in Europe aged 12 to 17 years, following a favorable opinion of the European Medicines Agency (EMA). In the meantime, we’re looking at a new sub-variant of Omicron – BA.2.75 – reported in India on June 2, which is “apparently growing rapidly,” says virologist Tom Peacock, of Imperial College London, in a tweet. .

What do we know about the new alternative Omicron

At the moment, there are no scientific publications on this newcomer of the Omicron family, but there are reports on the web among groups of experts, which reveal above all how this new sub-substitute is a second generation, in turn derived from Omicron BA.2 But it differs from this by nine mutations on the spike protein, which attaches the virus itself to human cells. Precisely because of the latter, which perhaps makes it more transmissible, it was preferred to distinguish it from BA, 2 “it’s worth noting,” Peacock notes. Another potential advantage was the speed with which it spread over a month from India to Germany and Canada to New Zealand. However, it is too early to draw conclusions, Peacock notes, considering that “the sequences collected so far are few.” “It has not been detected in Italy,” says geneticist Massimo Zulu, coordinator of the Ceinge Covid-19 task force. “It is too early to say today that the variant will become dominant: we need data that we do not have today, and we cannot imagine,” explains the geneticist, who “was sure that new variants would arrive and that others could access, because there were no longer any restrictions” .

Omicron 5, Bassetti: “Beware of the new sub-alternate.” Hope: “We’ll Increase Vaccine Recall Life”

The opinion of virologists

For infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti, “it’s worth noting, but without warning, the ‘new sub-alternative’ because it may be more contagious than Omicron 5 and has a high potential to infect, cure, and vaccinate people.” In the meantime, there is an expectation of the arrival of updated vaccines. According to Giorgio Palo, head of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa), the updated bivalent mRNA could be “approved” in the BA.1 strain by September. For those who have updated to BA.4 and 5, we will have to wait for the winter. And for Palù, it should be given ‘to all persons over their sixties regardless of the presence or absence of diseases. After all, that’s what you do with the flu vaccine.”

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