Photovoltaic storage and bonus system up to 2,500 euros for the residents of this province, this is the place

Photovoltaic system and storage system is a convenient option for saving electricity and gas bills.

Solar panels are evolving as we wrote in the article “The third generation of photovoltaic cells is within everyone’s reach, and here is an important turning point in the way energy is consumed and produced.”


There are many government incentives to help citizens contribute to the use of renewable energy. But regions play their part, too. An example is the region of Puglia which has offered bonuses for PV and small wind to all families of up to €8,500. However, we must hurry because orders expire on August 22, 2022.

Photovoltaic system and storage: contributions to the residents of this province, this is where

The Autonomous Province of Trento will also allocate grants to families to install a photovoltaic and storage system.

This was announced by the Adige River Basin Consortium (BIM) which will provide a A non-reimbursable provision for extraordinary contributions of €2,500. Added to this figure is the 50% reduction in tax credit. Thus, families will spend on average about 6 thousand euros

In total, the tender talks about a loan of 1 million euros for the installation of a photovoltaic system and storage systems. It should be sufficient to fund about 400 applications to be allocated to the families of the Autonomous Province of Trento. If the orders are higher, they will be accepted with the reserve.

The prerequisite is that the property must be located in one of the 150 municipalities within the BIM Adige Consortium. In addition, contributions are intended to install photovoltaic systems with a storage system for residential use, excluding residential units.

Interested parties must submit an application by 30 November 2022 and works must be completed within one year. The applicant will need SPID credentials and other self-certifications. Alternatively, to install solar panels on the roof, it is enough to contact the municipality.

More information and instructions for the procedure will be posted on the BIM Adige Consortium website.

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