Putin and Xi in yellow on the invitation to Moscow. “The Chinese leader refused, the Covid pandemic has nothing to do with him”

Chinese President Xi Jinping He allegedly refused Vladimir Putin’s invitation to visit Russia in the near future, officially due to the pandemic. The indiscretion, relaunched by a Japanese newspaper and clearly denied by the Kremlin, is fueling doubts about the solidity of the partnership between Moscow and Beijing, especially because of the dragon’s fears about the war in Ukraine. And it was the Japanese newspaper Emiuri Shimbun, citing diplomatic sources, who opened the case, forcing the Kremlin to make an official response.

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Putin’s invitation to Xi

The article reads that Putin invited Xi to Russia During their last interview on June 15th. But the answer was “it would be difficult to regulate”, due to the restrictions still in place in China on Covid. But between the lines, the Japanese read something else. Putin and Xi met face to face last February in Beijing at the opening of the Winter Olympics, promising “unlimited cooperation.” But after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Dragon’s attitude toward his ally is ambiguous, because Xi wants to avoid confrontation with Westerners who support Kyiv. With that in mind, a visit to Moscow at this time could risk sending a very conflicting signal to the United States and Europe. With China – among other things – doing a lot of work. In Moscow, the news of Xi’s alleged refusal was clearly denied. There is a valid invitation for Putin to visit China and Xi Jinping to visit Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said such visits would take place as soon as the restrictions related to Covid were lifted. He explained that these limitations are “entirely normal and understandable.”

Since the beginning of the epidemicIn the early months of 2020, Xi Jinping never left China (not even the mainland, except for a quick visit to Hong Kong in recent days) and thus his refusal to travel to Moscow in the short term seems likely. However, it is also true that Xi himself did not give his “friend” Putin the help he had hoped for in his war in Ukraine. Especially from a military point of view.

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