Quarantine and countless tests, what should someone who wants to meet him do

Four molecular swabs and two Covid-19 antibody tests just to shake hands with the president: the expenses are crazy

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6.8 Millions from the euro. This is the number that stands for expenses To be entered into the Russian budget for To maintain The “bubble“This protects put it in. In fact, the Kremlin leader has begun to travel again and with him all the security measures that have surrounded him are moving in recent times.

The many precautions to protect the health of Moscow’s president have been revealed by an investigation by BBC Russia.

Four molecular swabs and two Covid-19 antibody tests: Putin’s maximum measures against coronavirus

According to media investigations, meeting the President of the Russian Federation is not easy: you have to go through a series of tests, including four tampons molecular, two a test subordinate Antibodies COVID-19 and more.

Other investigations related toEffectminor staph golden and worms EffectAnd the withdrawal of blood and feces.

The isolation of the “luxury” of the generals: closing the handshake with the head of the Kremlin in his weeks

“When my turn came, I said goodbye. He smiled and gave me firm there but notGeneral said. Before that could happen, at the May 9 parade in Red Square, one man was asked forty From two weeks.

Image source: ANSA

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

Almost the same transaction booked four hundred People who sat next to Vladimir Putin or met him personally. You are in solitude deluxe the hotel With four or five stars, like the boss, the golden ring.

Collaborators’ indignation: Some resigned because they were not in quarantine

Then there are those who, inevitably, have to call the boss more often, and then find themselves always in forty: In order to isolate the close circle of Putin’s collaborators from the virus, they were Closed to me tourism bundles of Sanatoriumsto Expenses who will be around 1.7 billion Euros as subsidies.

Of course, it is not easy to spend a lot of time away from the outside world: in 2021 there are those who have a good time 5 months To isolate themselves to meet the president. Routine that Ilja Filatov, and camera player From put it infound it unsustainable, to the point of resigning: “I’m tired of sitting in quarantine for months,” commenting on his decision to grant Resignation.

Among those who are forced to remain in permanent isolation there are also Team From the doctors Who follows the head of the Kremlin in all its movements.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Image source: ANSA

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