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Roby Facchinetti gave his last farewell to someone who had recently passed away. This is the heartbreaking message

The singer-songwriter from Bergamo has connected a large part of his career The famous Italian “Bo” group. Together with other band members, he contributed to the creation of some masterpieces that left an indelible mark on the history of our country’s music. In 1990, Robbie and his comrades won the 41st San Remo Festival with the historical song “Only Men”.

Robbie Facchinetti (web source)

His last studio album, released in 2021, is titled “symphony”. Two singles were also released in the same year, titled respectively “What leave me” and “the last word”or an excerpt from his most recent standard work just mentioned.

During his long career, Facchinetti has also enjoyed taking part in some TV Shows. In 2015 for example, Together with his son Francesco, he played the role of coach in the Rai program “Voice of Italy”.. His last appearance on the Ariston stage as a competitor dates back to 2018, when he competed with his colleague and friend Riccardo Fogli. The duo took 18th place in the rankings at the end of the event with the song “Il segret del tempo”.

Ruby Facinti, a painful memory of the famous Italian singer

Just a day ago we learned of tragic death From another well-known name in the world of music, which is the name Antonio Cripisi Tonino said. Facinette’s sad farewell is for the latterwho wanted to greet a dear colleague was greatly appreciated.

Robbie Facchinetti (Instagram)

A new blacksmith hit the music world, Antonio Cribezi, better known as “Tonino” from “Chameleon”, died last night in his sleepRobbie said before continuing the message praising the chameleon singer’s artistic skills, after he performed in Chieti County.

I always considered Tonino the true soul of the groupFor musical talent and for the very special sound of his voice. My condolences to the family and to all of Camelion. Have a good trip dear Tonino and rest in peace. Ruby”In doing so, she ended the memory of the famous keyboardist and singer Poh, who collected hundreds of messages of condolence from the many followers who follow his Instagram page.

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