“Rock could not reinvent itself. Manskins? It’s terrible, a poor version of the past »- Corriere.it

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British band Stephen Wilson is back after 12 years with Closure / Continuation: The Music of Today TikTok. We can not

TikTok Music Today, Social Content. How to make music in 15 seconds? We can not. Actually songs porcupine treeThe British rock band is back with their new album Closure/Continuation after more than 12 years of hiatus, each one lasting 8 or 9 minutes. An outdated, if we look at trends, approach is powerful to gaining a unique and rare niche in the music world: Far from the mainstream, the group led by musician, producer and songwriter Stephen Wilson has enjoyed a very affectionate following since the 1990s and although unknown to the general public, It only fills big clubs and palaces (it will be in Milan, at the Assago Forum, on October 24th).

With this comeback, much awaited by fans, Porcupine Tree They are also in the charts: in Italy the closing / continuation of the fourth best-selling album of the week (after the podium all rap songs Lazza, Shiva and Rkomi), as well as the first among vinyl, in England they are in the top five for the first time in their career, second only to Harry Styles.

Our ideal situation comes to mind Wilson, 54, reflects. You don’t hear us on the radio or on TV, we don’t compromise, and yet we still have a huge audience. When people find out about us, they almost become evangelical to us and I think that’s partly because they understand that marketing has nothing to do with it. Sure, our relatively large fan base isn’t Foo Fighters or Metallica, but given that we’ve spent our careers doing exactly what we wanted, I picked that up over 100,000 people ahead of us. Influenced by the progressive rock of the ’70s and run through the years through constant trials, Porcupine Tree returned without haste: There had to be a reason to make a record, something that seemed to be an evolution, only to be released now, in 2022, on top of a trio completed by bassist, explains Wilson. keyboardist Richard Barbieri and drummer Gavin Harrison (formerly with King Crimson).

Cos close / continue It brings together the meticulous experiences on audio of the past 10 years, with texts that also look back to the present: We’ve had very disturbing times. There was the Trump administration, the failed Brexit and now Putin. We don’t want Covid cliches or a Trump-inspired record, but it’s hard not to talk about these things because they’re part of the world we live in.

How is rock music today in their opinion? Wilson sees new bands emerging, but rock music has failed to reinvent itself for too long. Now almost invisible in the mainstream, where urban dominates completely, it has become a cult genre, as happened to jazz in the second half of the twentieth century. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, even if I were a kid, I’d be more interested in Billie Eilish or Taylor Swift than the new Iron Maiden or Foo Fighters record. But have you discovered a lot of good new rock bands in the past 20 years? The answer is no.

Wilson doesn’t save the Mineskins either: They are terrible. Definitely great for Italy and it’s always positive when a band introduces the guys to guitars and drums, I wish they were a little better. For those who grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath, they listen to bands like Minskin or Greta Van Fleet and take them seriously because they are a bad version of what the others were. Mneskin is a lot better than Greta who is kind of a boy band version of Zeppelin, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone more creative and inspiring came along?

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