‘Russian colonels betray their forces, soldiers stand for money’: shocking objection from Ukraine

The Russian colonel is accused of disclosing information about the position of their troops in exchange for money. This is what emerges from some of the wiretapping operations published by the Main Intelligence Department in Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. and in Russia They would start to look anxiously at what seemed to have become a habit of generals seeking easy income from their army.

Objections: The colonels betray their forces for money.

In a phone call intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, reported today in international media, it is possible to hear a conversation between a man identified as a Russian soldier and an acquaintance. The two are talking about 31st Air Attack Brigade, one of the elite divisions of the Russian army, claiming that the army had been betrayed by their colonel. “Yes, 76 soldiers were captured,” says the woman, claiming to “sold them” and accusing “Colonel Matkovsky” of treason.

I know there are many similar casesThe man replied, adding, “They are stealing information about the forces.” Then the woman specifies: “That’s right, that’s right. I spoke to an agent of the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) and he said that all this is true. They found 17 million in his account.” Finally, he points out that it was the US intelligence that bribed the Russian colonel: “It is understood that the United States is suffering. They are hungry and cold.”

US strategy

give her Uses No official confirmation has arrived, but the practice described in the interception process is not unusual. there CIA In May launched a campaign to get information from the Russians about the war. The agency has posted Russian-language instructions on its social media channels, urging potential whistleblowers to establish a “virtual connection” using the Tor internet browser. Those who decide to cooperate are then tested to determine if they actually have “information of interest” to US spies.

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