Teeth, hearing and diet to keep them in good shape

Technology is critical to improving our health. But nutrition is just as important

Thanks to technological advances, devices have become almost invisible and customizable, but in Italy there is a lack of awareness of this topic in Italy today about 7 million people have hearing problems, which is equivalent to 11.7% of the population. Just like many Italians who suffer from dental disease. Here are some foods that can help us.

Healthy teeth and hearing (web image)

Most people with hearing loss are elderly, so much so that, according to the Ministry of Health, one in three over 65 years of age has a hearing loss, but there is no shortage of young people.. Moreover, hearing loss occurs gradually and it is advisable to intervene when the first symptoms appear. By acting in time and correctly, you can not only hear better thanks to the use of a stethoscope, but also face the aggravation of the problem.

Technology today is very helpfulBecause it allows you to have smaller devices, almost invisible, able to combine different functions, starting for example with the ability to connect to a TV or other devices. Therefore, the advice should be checked from an early age, relying on a serious structure with extensive experience in this sector.

The same can be said for the teeth. A toothbrush that measures glucose designed in Italy, the smartphone that thanks to the app recognizes the signs of leprosy and Pillo, the little robot that gives the right pills at the right time, also born in Italy.

Here are some examples of how to do this AI and big data can help protect health. It was presented today in Brussels, as part of the White Paper Conference on New Technologies in the Service of Health. The application that recognizes typical lesions of leprosy has been developed in Brazil: the first step was to collect a large number of images about the signs of the disease, thanks to the cooperation of the patients, and on this basis an artificial intelligence system was trained to recognize the images of the signs of the disease.

Foods that help hearing and teeth

But, regardless of technology that, as we know, is necessary to improve our health. But nutrition is just as important. There are foods that help hearing and teeth tremendously. Let’s find out what they are together.

Hearing problems (web source) 06/29/2022 direttanews
Hearing problems (web source)

Beta-carotene, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids help hearing a lot. They are found, in particular, in fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to reduce your intake of sodium, added sugars, and saturated fats.

As for the teeth, Vitamin C (which helps the gums) and Vitamin A (which helps rebuild tooth enamel) are very important.

healthy smile (web image)
healthy smile (web image)

Again, we recommend eating fruits and vegetables that contain water and fiber, which in turn keep your mouth hydrated. As we know, saliva is an excellent antiseptic: it cleanses the teeth of harmful acids.

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