Tesla slowed: Only 254,000 cars sold in the quarter

Tesla Model Y: at the moment it is the most sought after car of the American brand.

Tesla slowed, for the first time after nine consecutive quarters of growth: From April to June, it delivered “only” 254,000 cars.

Tesla slow downTesla has slowed, with more demand for the Model Y than the Model 3

After the beginning of the year that predicted ruin (310 thousand births in the first quarter), . brand Elon Musk It has definitely slowed down. We’re starting to feel the blows of the two big problems that have gripped the entire auto industry in the past two years: COVID-19 and the chip shortage. The pandemic forced Tesla to shut down one of its production cores for extended periods, Giga factory in Shanghai. Other factories also operated at a slow pace, possibly due to a shortage of ingredients. However, Tesla makes clear that the problems are being resolved and that the second quarter, which has been slow on deliveries, was not at all on the production front. The performance Third quarter recovers. we will see. It is clear that the lion’s share of deliveries are still made Model 3 and Model Y, with the latter in permanent demand more than the sedan. Even in Europe, according to the latest data from Italy and France.

Tesla slow down
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Bank of America: Ford and General Motors will also win in the electric car

Just a break in adjustment for emergency reasons? Or is Tesla’s big boost running out? Observers largely believe that the Elon Musk brand It will start running again In the second half of the year. far beyond (first time) Selling a million cars In 12 months. But there are also those who believe that Tesla’s undisputed dominance in the electricity market is about to come to an end. study American bank He predicts that in a few years, anyway by 2025, Ford and the General Motors They will outgrow the Elon Musk brand. This is credited with launching a veritable lineup of battery-powered cars and pickups, with EV versions of the models so popular in the US. According to Bank of America, Tesla’s market share in the US will collapse within 3 years From the current 70% to a measly 11%. It’s up to Elon Musk and his team to refute this disastrous scenario.

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