The biggest data theft of all time, probably

In recent days, a hacker wrote on a dark web forum that he stole from a police database in Shanghai, China, a massive amount of personal data of about one billion Chinese citizens. If confirmed, it would be the biggest personal data theft ever.

The data will include, among other things, information about people’s names, addresses, places of birth, mobile phone numbers and criminal records. The theft was announced on a forum frequented by hackers from around the world (Forums rags) in a post by a user by the name of ChinaDan. The user wrote in the post that he owns 23 terabytes of data, which is offered for sale for 10 bitcoins (about 200 thousand euros).

To confirm the correctness of the data, the user provided a fragment (750 thousand), a practice that is often used in similar cases. At the moment, the Chinese authorities have not commented on the news, which the site initially mentioned AsiaMarkets Then by all major world newspapers. However, it is known that in recent days on Weibo, the most popular Chinese social network, the use of hashtags containing references to data theft has been banned.

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In the past, the Chinese authorities have shown themselves to be very conservative and very opaque in cases of personal data theft, so it is not surprising that there are no official contacts again: especially given the huge number of people who can get involved and given that the theft may be caused by a breach in the systems Computer security of the Shanghai Police.

news agency Reuters and the guardian They wrote that they could not independently confirm the correctness of the data offered for sale by ChinaDan. The guardian He wrote that he called several numbers among those in the public list, but several were not active.

Although there is no confirmation at the moment, there is still a lot of concern: Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange (such as Bitcoin), said that news of a possible data theft had alerted security officers at his company. He also said that verifications have been intensified to prevent any bitcoins used to purchase that data from trading on Binance.

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