The Chicago killer is a Trump fan who has a long-term plan – North America

A “premeditated for weeks” attack, but with no specific motive. Twenty-four hours after the Fourth of July massacre in suburban Chicago, details of the massacre began to emerge, including a glimpse of killer Robert E. A lonely, frustrated and marginalized 20-year-old rapper with a passion for violent rhymes, is a fan of Donald Trump in his spare time. On Independence Day morning, the killer climbed onto the roof of a building along the road with a fire escaper and a high-powered rifle in hand and began shooting at the unsuspecting crowd. Police said 70 bullets could have killed many more than the seven who shot and the 38 who were wounded.. He then threw down his weapon and mingled with the crowd wearing women’s clothing, perhaps even a wig, to incorporate and hide the many tattoos on his face and neck. So Cremo went straight to his mother’s house and took his Honda before he was stopped by the police who found another gun in the car. A well-thought-out sequence of events, indicating that the attack was “premeditated for weeks”, but without a specific target.

In fact, the police did not find a motive for this and ruled out religious or racial motives. A random stranger attack shattered the lives of seven people with a weapon that was bought back in a legal and easy way. And it might have been avoided, again, as evidenced by an examination of his social profile but also from two episodes of 2019. The first was her attempted suicide in April of that year, an event that mental health services dealt with. And the second five months later, when he threatened to “kill everyone,” investigators reported, adding that the threat was aimed at family members. The intervening agents confiscated 16 knives, a sword and a dagger but did not initiate the arrest for lack of a valid reason and did not inform the family members. Despite this, the young man, who is now cooperating in the investigation, managed to buy five weapons, among which were rifles and pistols. By analyzing social profiles, it is also clear that Cremo, better known by the pseudonym “Wake Up Rapper”, exhibited violent behavior although, as always in these cases, the family trivially described him as a “quiet and lonely” boy.

In one of the killer’s videos, which has now been removed from Youtube with everything he posted, we see a computer made character in tactical gear with a pistol in his hand pointing to a kneeling person, his hands raised begging for mercy. Elsewhere, Cremo himself in a helmet and flak jacket is in a school room next to the American flag and a voiceover says, “I need to leave now. It’s my destiny. Everything led to this; nothing could stop me, not even me”. In another video, the killer shouts: “Freedom..Freedom..Freedom..Freedom..Freedom.” And again: “I hate when other people get more attention than I do on the Internet.”

Then there is Trump’s passion. In one video, Cremo expects a presidential run with other supporters, and in another clip he participates in a rally for the former president in Chicago in September 2020 disguised as the character of the popular children’s book series “Where’s Waldo”. While on June 27, 2021, he posted a photo of himself draped in a Trump flag with the title “Make America Great Again.” Analysts aren’t sure if all of these details could describe the Fourth of July killer as a pro-Court for the former president.. But he was certainly immersed in that subculture that pervaded the fringes of the internet that was also imbued with Uvalde’s killer, Salvador Ramos, and the many other massacres that preceded them. And so, for the thousandth time, America finds itself mourning its flag-waving victims in Highland Park, which banned assault weapons nine years ago and in one state, Illinois, which has one of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States and one of the lowest rates of assault weapons.

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