The community organizes a funeral for the game –

there social communication From Red Dead Online wants to celebrate Funeral. the reason? The last time Rockstar Games added new content to the title was on July 13, 2021, which is now almost a year ago.

Indeed, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode is so visible, if not completely deserted, that even the most diligent gamers will want to move on to something else, but not before they organize something to commemorate his death.

Then Red Dead News called out fans, inviting them on July 13 to wear them in the game funeral dresses And take pictures of themselves in Red Dead Online, Rockstar Games’ now-dead masterpiece.

It must be said that not supporting a video game in this way, perhaps due to the dearth of players, seems quite strange. The product simply did not work like GTA Online, and several years after its release, the publisher decided not to invest in it anymore. Sorry or not, it’s market law and, moreover, something that happens a lot in these live service times, between server shutdowns and sporadic updates.

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