The family has already been cut in medicine – Chronicle already

Half a stop, but expected. That’s what’s happening these days with the family reorganization at Broni-Stradella Hospital. Usually this procedure coincides with the “peak” of the vacation period for medical staff and paramedics, and therefore in August. But this year, it’s already been downsized for a few days. It comes to the Department of General Medicine where the available beds are reduced to 20 (less than half the normal period): it is no coincidence that – in recent days – some patients have been referred to Mede or Mortara hospitals. It should not be overlooked that there are already other limitations (even for months) for other departments such as the case of orthopedics and fractures where only outpatient work or surgery that operates mainly in urgent cases. But what does this situation depend on, which can open up and gradually return to normal only in September? Even in the absence of official positions (however, the question has reached the city council in Stradella) it seems that the staffing shortage now mainly concerns nurses. A large number, until recently in service in Stradella, having managed to enter the ranking after the competition, could have “moved” to Policlinico San Mateo in Pavia. Even if this is not done on purpose, the emergency coincides with the positive news – in this official case – regarding the revitalization of semi-intensive treatment (serious cases, but not very serious) thanks to the allocation of approximately 585,600 euros. Also in this case there will be some unknowns regarding the need for qualified personnel, but it is also true that the investigation will take place according to a timetable not yet determined and in any case in the medium term.

Pierangela Raviza

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