The JP and Johnson government is losing parts: the finance and health ministers resign

Political tension escalates in Great Britain, Boris Johnson’s government loses shreds. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid have resigned in outright criticism of the conservative prime minister’s administration.

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“The public rightly expects the government to be run in a proper, efficient and serious manner,” Sunak said. “I think it’s worth fighting for these standards and that’s why I’m resigning.” Mate from health harder. He said Britons “expect integrity from their government”, but voters now believe that Johnson’s administration is incompetent, “nor does it work for the nation”.

The Exciting resignations of two important ministersIt comes after the prime minister was forced to make a humiliating apology over the handling of the case of Chris Pincher, the conservative group’s deputy leader who was sacked after being prosecuted for molesting two men at a London historic club. Johnson said he appointed Pincher to his position after he “forgot” that he had already received complaints about his inappropriate behavior in 2019.

“I think it was a mistake and I apologise,” said the prime minister, who had already publicly apologized for the Downing Street party scandal during the Covid lockdown.

Johnson survived a no-confidence vote in early June Among Tory MPs, but 41% voted against it, undermining his power. The loss of two additional seats in June then led to the resignation of the party’s chairman, Oliver Dowden. The resignation of Javid, who previously ran for leadership of the Conservative Party, and that of Sunak, who is considered a possible successor to Johnson, now jeopardizes the post of prime minister, who has so far ruled out his resignation.

Javid and Snack’s controversial, seemingly coordinated resignations have sparked a flurry of speculation about who might be next to leave. Sources cited by the media claim that Key ministers such as Liz Truss (Foreign), Ben Wallace (Defence), Dominic Raab (Deputy Prime Minister and Honorary Justice), and Priti Patel (Interior) plan to remain in office.. Culture Minister Nadine Doris tweeted that she was 100% with Johnson.

Meanwhile, Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Ben Afulami announced his resignation on live television. The door was also closed by Morocco’s trade envoy, Andrew Morrison.

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