The money comes from De Ligt

A summit between the player and the Gelorossi by Thursday but the two companies will also talk: a 50 million deal. Zacharias or Ranokia?

After Pogba and Di Maria, who are just waiting for medical check-ups and autographs, a market Juventus Ready for a new acceleration: If the fate of Matthijs de Ligt, Chelsea or Bayern Munich, on the one hand, looks set, Juventus rushes in Niccolo Zaniolo. It seems no coincidence that both negotiators have had a strong acceleration in the last few hours because it would be easier to close the deal with Roma for the blue midfielder with his back covered with the millions that will come in with the player’s transfer. defender. The Giallorossi reviews Zaniolo 60 million eurosJuventus wants to try to go back by about fifteen years while the possibility of introducing a peer seems a long way off: Mourinho shrugs off Arthur and thinks about it. Zacharias (which, however, Allegri considers untouchable), a good name can at most be a Filippo Ranocchia.

Thus, the roads to Zaniolo – which expire in 2024 – are basically two ways: stressful loan Very long , 10-15 millionmore redemption commitment on me 30-35 million; or in the same form peer input To reduce the balance amount at the time of redemption.

Wednesday or Thursday at the latest there a A meeting with Claudio Figurelli1999 class agent, with Roma but also A connection between the Giallorossi and JuventusIt is time to go into more detail about the negotiations that are becoming, hour by hour, more concrete.

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